2023 Junior Presentations


Sunday September 17th marked the final formal event on the 2023 junior calendar with presentations for teams from U12 up to U16.  Congratulations to all players, teams, and volunteers for the season, we recognise the following award recipients.

Under 16 Division 1

Best and Fairest: Harvey McInnes
Runner Up: Xavier Healey
Most Consistent: Daniel Weldon
Coaches Award: Harper Eason
Most Improved: Jack Cookson
Best in Finals: Jacob Marron

Under 16 Division 2

Best and Fairest: Ibrahim Abouzeid
Runner Up: Mahmoud Houli
Most Consistent: Lachlan Morgan
Coaches Award: Jesse Parnham
Most Improved: Nate Frogley-Rush
Best in Finals: Jake Cikala

Under 15 Girls

Best and Fairest: Ruby Jones
Runner Up: Elle Price
Runner Up: Maya Jess
Most Consistent: Aggie Mathieson
Coaches Award: Lena Marron
Most Improved: Armani Mauriohooho
Best in Finals: Niamh McHardy

Under 14 Division 1

Best and Fairest: Jake Miller
Runner Up: Mitchell Highmore
Most Consistent: Louis Anderson
Coaches Award: Ben Kouteris
Most Improved: Tom Ryan
Best in Finals: Jake Miller

Under 14 Division 2

Best and Fairest: Jack Miller
Runner Up: Ryan Flanagan
Runner Up: Eli Spencer
Most Consistent: Mick McMahon
Coaches Award: Kingston Caguioa
Most Improved: Jensen Elliot

Under 14 Division 4

Best and Fairest: Mack Lewicki
Runner Up: Liam Baker
Runner Up: Jacob Borup-Hoggan
Most Consistent: Ned Cracknell
Coaches Award: Petros Tsombanopoulos
Most Improved: Brodie Kupsch
Best in Finals: Mack Lewicki

Under 12 Division 1

Best and Fairest: Miles Gough
Runner Up: Albie Kennedy
Most Consistent: William Ida
Coaches Award: Benjamin Lamb
Most Improved: Edward Elg
Best in Finals: Albie Kennedy

Under 12 Girls

Best and Fairest: Serena Koroma
Runner Up: Caitlin West
Most Consistent: Isabel Grieve
Coaches Award: Edith Jackson
Most Improved: Francesca Fleer
Best in Finals: Lucy Cracknell

Under 12 Division 2

Best and Fairest: Angus Retallick
Runner Up: Thomas Janssen
Most Consistent: Noah Young
Coaches Award: Rory Murphy
Most Improved: Liam Wilson
Best in Finals: Angus Retallick

Under 12 Division 4

Best and Fairest: Flynn Tinkler
Runner Up: Mitchell Thomson
Most Consistent: Flynn Carr
Coaches Award: Noah Lathleiff
Most Improved: Henry Scott
Best in Finals: Jimmy McKenzie